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”美伊豆 B-Izu Official Izu Travel Guide ”(referred to as “this site”) operated by ”Izu Peninsula Geopark and Tourism Bureau” collects information from users of this site to the extent necessary for us to provide our service efficiently. We collect, use and manage the information appropriately striving to offer a website that can be used with peace of mind.


Identifiable personal information refers to addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information provided to Higashikishu Regional Organization through this website.


This policy applies to this site only and does not apply to other sites linked within. Handling of personal information on linked sites is the responsibility of the organization to which that link belongs.

Collection of Personal Information

In general, when Higashikishu Regional Organization collects personal information through this site, it is provided optionally by users (registration).

When collecting personal information, we will clearly state a reason. Personal information will be collected to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose. The website administrator strictly manages the collection of personal information and takes appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misuse, and tampering. While operation of this site may be entrusted to external parties, the same appropriate measures are taken by these contracted companies.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information provided by users (registered) will be used only for purposes stated in advance. We do not use personal information for purposes beyond those stated nor provide personal information to a third party, except when stipulated by the law. However, information on user attributes displayed in the form of statistical data may be made public as long as it does not include any personal information.

How we use Personal Information

※ Other purposes made explicit when collecting personal information.

About not Personally Identifiable Information

Information on internet domain name, IP address, and browsing environment (referred to as user information) is automatically collected on this site. User information collected is limited to content aimed at improving the site’s usability and will be used only within that scope. However, access information and information on users’ browsing environments displayed in the form of statistical data may be made public.

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